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There once was a back porch at 1189-91 South Main

"Rome wasn't built in a day" is a saying that signifies it takes time to assemble something great.

Here at Common Roots, however, we were able to tear something down in a day.

Just recently was the long-awaited tear down of the back porch at our house at 1189-91 South Main St. in Meadville.

Though a few other tasks need to take place first, the hope in the near future is to construct a double-decker porch to replace the porch we just tore down.

Check out some photos below from the tear down project. Tearing down the old back porch is among the early processes of Stage One of the renovation.

If you're unfamiliar with what we're trying to accomplish here at Common Roots, you're invited to stop by the house from noon to 2 p.m. Aug. 8 to participate in our "Make Your Mark" event.

"Make Your Mark" on Aug. 8 coincides with the second annual Crawford Gives, a special 48-hour countywide fundraising event that takes place from midnight Aug. 10 to 11:59 p.m. Aug. 11.

Common Roots’ mission is to create sustainable, community-based affordable housing. We are a young, grassroots organization that is currently working on our first housing project at 1189-91 South Main St.

Let us know what you think of our recent progress, and hopefully we'll see you at the house on Aug. 8!

The back porch is seen just moments before an hours-long project to have it torn down.

Volunteers Doug Lodge (left) and Victor Susol watch as the top part of the porch starts to fall to the ground.

Volunteers Doug Lodge (left) and Victor Susol watch as the top part of the porch crashes to the ground.

There was a great deal of wood to pick through after the upper part of the porch was torn down. Volunteer Peter Zimmer is seen working on some.

Josef Thorne, AmeriCorps VISTA for Common Roots this year, plays some classical music for the volunteers as they tear down the porch.

Volunteer Lee Scandinaro spent a lot of time denailing boards, among other things, during the porch tear down project. In the background is part of a Creating Landscapes for Families garden.

Common Roots' lead contractors, George Stabile (left) and Doug Lodge, talk over future plans for the wood that was recovered from the porch's demolition.

A few interesting posts, including this one shown by volunteer Peter Zimmer, were found among the wood that was reclaimed during the porch tear down.

Contractor George Stabile measures a piece of wood to potentially use it in a future project.

Volunteers Diehl Edwards (left) and Victor Susol spent a good deal of effort prying apart the deck.

Common Roots board member Ian Carbone (right) concentrates while he takes the nails out of a wood board that was reclaimed.

Victor Susol (right) tears apart one of the last pieces of the deck as Diehl Edwards carries some wood.

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