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Thank you, Crawford Heritage Community Foundation!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Because Common Roots’ membership is all-volunteer, donations and grants go

a long way to help us reach our goal of bringing energy-efficient, community-based affordable housing to Meadville.

The most recent grant we received came from the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation. They donated $2,500, for which we couldn't be more grateful!

The Foundation recently distributed discretionary grants totaling $31,446.52 to 26 organizations from several permanent endowments. The Foundation awards discretionary grants twice each year and prioritizes giving to projects that improve the effectiveness of existing programs and those that incorporate preventive or curative approaches to problems and challenges faced by our community.

“We must be strategic about how we direct our discretionary grant funding,” Jennifer Mohtashemi, chair of the Foundation’s grantmaking committee, said in a press release. “Although we’ve been able to award more and more each year, current demand for funding still exceeds our resources. Ultimately, we want to support projects not only that will have the greatest impact on our community, but also those that we can expect to be successful."

Common Roots will use that $2,500 grant to partially fund the materials to build a double-decker porch at our 1189-91 South Main Street house.

The plan is to rent out the South Main house as three one-room apartments with the fourth unit in the house serving as a community meeting area, pending zoning approval.

There are currently ground-level porches on both the front and back of the house. We'll keep the front porch and get to work on the back porch once we receive the city's approval to begin that process.

Building regulations require two points of access for each unit. Because we're building four units, we'll need eight points of access in all.

We are converting the back porch to two floors in order to have two points of access for each of the upstairs units.

The double-decker concept also allows us to create a utility room on the first floor of the back porch. The utility room will house the furnace and hot water tank, which will have to be moved from the basement to meet floodplain regulations.

The back porch is an exciting next step we’re looking forward to taking in order to make the house livable again! We appreciate the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation for providing this grant and helping us progress in this project.

If you’re interested in reaching the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation, call 336-5206 or visit crawfordheritage.org.

As always, more information on Common Roots is available on this website, commonrootspa.com, and on our Facebook page.

To learn more, participate or contribute, email hello@commonrootspa.com.

Check back soon as we keep you up-to-date on our progress.

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