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♪♫♪ Oh, we’ll get by with a little lunch from our friends ♫♪♫

♪♫♪ What would you do if we asked you for lunch? ♪♫♪ Would you stand up and walk out on us? ♪♫♪

Common Roots volunteers are working up to 8 hours every Saturday at 1189-91 South Main Street to construct a beautiful double-decker back porch. They need to eat.

Will you help us feed our hard-working volunteers? Roughly $25 covers one Saturday lunch from Pizza Villa, which is right down the block from our South Main house. So, if we could find four or five donors to give $25 a month, that would cover us. Of course, any amount would be most appreciated. To donate, click here. We're thankful for everyone who is able to help out.

Now, scroll down to get a glimpse at what took place on a recent Saturday at the house.

Ian Carbone measures rebar — or reinforcing rod — before cutting it with a saw (as seen in the main picture above).

Lee Scandinaro (clockwise from front left), Doug Lodge, Ian Carbone and James Campbell twist wire ties to connect all of the rebar to create one of the rebar cages.

Rebar cages will be put into a sonotube like this one, which is 18 inches in diameter and four feet tall. The plan is to dig holes deep enough for the sonotube/rebar cage to be placed underground. They will serve as the foundation of the porch posts for the outside wall.

Diehl Edwards adds water to cement, sand and lime to make mortar while James Campbell mixes.

Victor Susol (left) and Diehl Edwards fill the joints with mortar prior to the deck being built. The filling process serves as maintenance.

Diehl Edwards uses more mortar to fill joints.

George Stabile uses a builder's level — or scope — to make sure both sides of the future porch will be level. Doug Lodge is seen in the distance marking an "x" for alignment purposes based on George's scoping.

How kind it was of our neighbors at the Creating Landscapes for Families garden to give away sunflowers on a recent Saturday!

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