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If you build it, will they come?

It's been a great last few weeks at the Common Roots house. After many months of vital preparation, we've finally been able to start building the new double-decker porch at 1189-91 South Main St.

A great deal of last Saturday's work involved screwing part of the deck together.

We're always looking for more volunteers to speed up the process at 1189-91 South Main. Click here to sign up or email us here to find out how to participate.

If you're unable to physically help, a donation of any amount is a great help since we have to pay for supplies. Click here to donate.

Check out some photos from Saturday's progress!

Doug Lodge saws a piece of lumber before it is used on the porch.

Lee Scandinaro hands a piece of wood to Reid Mauri prior to numerous pieces of lumber being drilled into the porch.

Doug Lodge and the other volunteers discuss what's next in the process of building the porch's deck.

Diehl Edwards takes some screws out of the side of the porch to make a readjustment.

Doug Lodge (left) and Tim Shew begin to drill screws into a portion of the double-decker porch.

Lee Scandinaro (left) and Ian Carbone (center) screw in the deck while Doug Lodge watches.

Ian Carbone (left) and Lee Scandinaro put the finishing touches on one portion of screwing in the porch.

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