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Atlas Obscura

Did you know that Meadville is recognized on Atlas Obscura, an archive of unusual places? We get a shoutout for the PennDOT sign art, acknowledged as “the most perplexing set of driving instructions you’ll ever see.” And right down the road is the Linesville Spillway, where the ducks walk on the fish, another obscure location on the Atlas’ map. Here’s what we wanna know: what are they forgetting? What are some unusual things you can only find in Meadville?

Have you moved to Meadville from somewhere else? What happened in that place that could only happen there?

Identifying what makes where we live special is a good way to begin cultivating the civic pride that helps us care for our town and the people who live here. Keep an eye out this week for places or experiences that make you think only in Meadville, and please tell us about them!

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