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Welcome to Cooperation Meadville, a community learning series brought to you by Common Roots in partnership with Meadville Time Trade, the Northwest PA Investment Cooperative, and Food 4 Thought.  


The topic, of course, is COOPERATION: WHY we need cooperation now more than ever, and HOW cooperation can help us build a better world for ALL who live in Meadville and northwestern Pennsylvania. 


Every month we publish a lesson from the cooperative movement. We want to see community groups, local politicians, government employees, workers, small business owners, non-profits, as well as friends, families, and neighbors thinking about how cooperation can improve our lives, strengthen our ties, and grow our community. 


All are invited to the monthly Time Trade potluck for a community discussion of the month’s lesson. ADD DETAILS


We also offer a course on cooperative development for people who want to learn more about cooperatives and for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow cooperative enterprises. If you are interested, let us know here (link to form).